Social Media Placement

In today's social media obsessed world, having a strong social media presence is just as important as having a good effective website. Third Wave Digital can provide a series of techniques to give your school improved social media exposure, increased engagement and generate more followers - all leading to more potential new students. Our goal is to build you a customized social media management plan that best supports your college or university.  

Account setup

Third Wave Digital can provide setup of new social media accounts such as Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Threads), X, and YouTube. If you already have the appropriate social media accounts, our team will request admin access so we can properly manage assigned accounts. 

Phone displaying user's many social media accounts

Phone showing a social media post on its screen

Weekly posting & Monitoring

Creating, scheduling, and monitoring weekly social media posts can be time-consuming which is why some institutions choose to outsource to an advertising agency. We create visually appealing and relevant content that inspires and/or educates your audience. Our team will also monitor comments and assist with responses while engaging with your audience. 


Ever wonder if your posts are reaching your target audiences? Which posts perform the best? Third Wave Digital provides easy to understand monthly reports showing activity such as followers, engagement, and page traffic.

Tablet showing social media metrics and trends