Video Production

Creativity that Inspires and Motivates

Third Wave Digital excels in creating custom video content for colleges and universities, ranging from 30-second teasers to long-form recruitment videos. Our in-house production team, equipped with the latest in super HD 8K video aquisitoin technology, collaborates closely with your institution to create authentic stories that sets you apart.

Case Study

Brunswick Community College sought to create a compelling video series highlighting the inspiring stories of their students and the diverse career paths they pursued. We collaborated closely with BCC to conceptualize and script each story, filmed on-location to capture authentic student experiences, and edited the footage into engaging narratives. The final videos, enhanced with professional voice narration and dynamic graphics, successfully showcased the unique journeys of BCC students and the impact of their education on their future careers.






College & University Video Production Services:  

Third Wave Digital offers a comprehensive suite of services to bring your vision to life, from initial concept development and scripting to the final touches of color grading. We handle every aspect of the production process, including on-location shooting, talent recruitment, and direction. Our skilled team ensures your video is professionally edited, enhanced with dynamic graphics and motion graphics, and enriched with professional voice narration, delivering a polished and impactful final product.

Conceptualization and Scripting

Transform your vision into a compelling script with our creative team, ensuring your message captivates and engages. We develop stories that resonate with your audience and align with your reruitement goals.

College Video scripting

8K video camera

On-location Video Production

Capture stunning footage anywhere with our professional on-location video production services, designed to bring your story to life. Our experienced crew handles every detail, from setup to final shot, ensuring high-quality results.

Talent Recruitment/Direction

We'll locate the perfect talent for your project, enhancing the quality and impact of your video. We manage the casting process and direct the talent whehter they're seasoned pros or student volunteers. Tight on time?  Uncomfortable on camera? Your on-camera talent will deliver flawless presentations in fewer takes with our portable teleprompter.

Video director on set working with talent

Editing a college video

Video Editing

Third Wave Digital will polish your footage into a seamless, professional video with our expert editing services, tailored to your unique vision. We handle everything from cutting and splicing to color correction and grading services that ensure vibrant and consistent visuals.

Professional Voice Narration

Add depth and clarity to your video with our professional voice narration. Our varied and talented voice actors enhance the storytelling experience and provide a range of tones and styles to match your needs.

Voice actor in recording booth

Graphics and motion graphics

Graphics and Motion Graphics

Let Third Wave Digital enhance your visuals with onscreen graphics and motion graphics, adding a professional and engaging touch to your video. Our designers create eye-catching animations that enhance your message.

Aerial Videography

Third Wave Digital offers specialized aerial videography services for colleges and universities, that captures high-quality aerial views of your campus. Our FAA certified drone operators ensure not only spectacular views but also compliance with all regulations for safe operation. Aerial video provides an unparalleled way to highlight the unique features and layout of your campus, and adds a captivating dimension to your marketing materials.